Mud Circulation Pump

Mud Circulation Pump Overview

Drilling mud is a important part for the drilling work to maintain the wellbore. It’s purpos is to cool, lubricate, and support the bit and drilling assembly. Most importantly, it removes cuttings from well.

Because this is a crucial part of the water well drilling process, Orla Drilling Company utilizes top of the line mud circulation pump systems in all drilling projects. This keeps your costs lower due a more proficient drilling process, cutting down the time required to drill.

Why Does This Matter?

Orla Drilling Company values transparency with its clients when it comes to the drilling process. By informing you of the processes we use, we hope that you will come to see that we have set the bar for quality and safety very high.

How Can I Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about this technology and process, please visit the Mud Pump Wikipedia page dedicated to this technology.

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