Drilling Equipment

Drilling Equipment Overview

Orla Drilling Company utilizes versatile and efficient water drilling rigs and well drilling equipment. We have optimal equipment for a wide range of water drilling applications. With over 60 years of experience, our team is capable of handling the most challenging formations and inaccessible locations.

8150LS Rotary Sonic Rig

Full-Size Rotary Sonic Rig with 50K Dynamic Force

The 8150LS is a full-size sonic rig that delivers big sonic water well drilling power to Orla Drilling customers. Designed and built as a direct response to requests from large, multi-national companies, the new sonic rig can continuously sample and set casing in excess of 300 ft. (90 m) in a wide range of formations. 

Versa-Drill Drilling Rigs

When you evaluate drilling rigs, you’re looking for depth.  You want a drill rig that performs and looks beyond the surface to help you.  That is why we use Versa-Drill drilling rigs.  The reliability and efficiency they provide is unmatched.  Our Versa-Drill V2000 is more than capable of giving you the highest quality wellbore available.

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