Water Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling Overview

Orla Drilling Company uses a number of refined techniques and crucial technology to find, drill and implement a working well. Two methods may be used in this process. Rotary drills bore down into the earth much like a drill bores out wood using a specialized bit. Another way wells can be drilled is by using a Pounder. It is used in a way that it raises and lowers a heavy weight in order to punch a hole deep into the ground.  A rotary drill rig uses an assortment of bits. The most common types are long cable bits or interlocking steel bits – both which rotate in a clockwise direction to bore into the earth and loosen the soil. Rock is carried to the surface as the bit turns. The turning bit often gets hot, so water or mud is used to keep the drilling bits cool.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reach an aquifer or water source deep below the ground that contains ample supply, giving the well a long life.

Well Supply

To ensure supply, we will continue to drill below the water table which is usually between 100 and 500 for bedrock wells.

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