Orla Drilling's All New 8150LS Rotary Sonic Rig

Orla Drilling takes advantage of this sonic’s larger platform with more power to advance larger diameter tools to great depth. A key feature of this rig is the Geoprobe® designed and manufactured GV5 Sonic Head with 50K dynamic force.

Developing Sustainable and Clean Water Sources

Orla Drilling Company takes pride in its ability to seek out, develop, and streamline new water sources for public and private use.

Operating Well Above Regulation Standards

Orla Drilling Company takes safety and regulation serious. Learn about our well drilling processes below.

Water Well Drilling

We’re raising the bar in the water well drilling industry by using state of the art technology and machinery.

Surface Casing

We use patented technologies and proceses to ensure structure integrity while limiting environmental impact.

Submersible Pumps

Orla Drilling Company holds certifications that allow us to operate, repair, and install submersible pumps.

Orla Drilling Company Overview

 At Orla Drilling Company, our primary goal is the creation of a clean and sustainable water source for all of our clients. By utilizing the latest technological advances, we consistently provide the highest quality water delivery solution available.

Our Culture

We have over 60 years of combined industry experience. Our culture is that of a young, entrepreneurial start-up that continues to definenew standards in the drilling industry.

Continued Growth

Orla Drilling Company shows exponential growth, with even more room to grow.


Safety Standards Met


Well Drilling Efficiency


Water Source Discovery


Technology and Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking on the task of finding water sources, planning the dig, and executing the water well drilling project can be complex. Fortunately, we have industry experts who have been executing this process for many decades. Along the way, we’ve found that many of our customers have ask many of the same questions.

Please take a moment to look through our short list of the most frequently asked questions from our clients. If you do not find that you’re questions have been answered here, please reach out to our knowledgable and educated staff by going to Contact Us.

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Orla Drilling has a simple and quick quote process that allows us provide a detailed look estimate of your project cost and timeline. Get started by clicking below!

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with the public and private sector, drilling wells for governemnt entities and corporations alike.

How long does it take to implement a working well?

Timelines vary depending on the depth of the water source and the location of the dig; however, our typical water well completion ranges between 2-6 days barring any unforeseen issues.

Can you install a well if we don't have power?

You will need power in order to make your well operation successful. 

Fortunately, if you are without power, we can still drill and test your well using generator power.  Upon completion, we can help bring permanent power to your location.

How much water can I expect when the job is complete?

 All wells are different. 

You can be assured though that ODC will use every available tool to get you the most out of what the formation can give with longevity always in mind.

What other services do you provide?

ODC can not only drill your well, we also have the ability to set your submersible pump, plumb the feed to you desired location, help set up permanent power, dirtwork, well repair, well rehabilitation and multi well field development.

“We were in quite the predicament when we realized that our new plant location couldn’t get access to a reliable water source. Orla Drilling Company made the impossible happen, which allowed us to still meet our first day operations deadline. Hats off to these guys, they definitely know what they’re doing.”

- Jeff Reed

CEO, Bluetail Supply Co.

“We’ve had the chance to work with Orla Drilling Company on not one, but two construction projects. We had them bring power and sustainable water sources onto both of our locations and both projects were completed on time and without any surprises. We definitely plan on using them for our next facility.”

- Gail Dugger

President, Greenwood Mills, Inc.

“We heard about Orla from our contacts within the public sector. They did nothing but speak good things about the quality and professionalisim of the staff. They were able to handle all of our requipments with ease and despit our ignorace of this process, they patiently worke with us to meet our needs. They did an incredible job!”

- Jane Flemming

CFO, Jackson Industrial, LLC

“Standardizing Excellence and Quality”

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Head over to our Contact Us page to find out more about how to get in touch with us here at Orla Drilling Company.